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18 October 2017 to 15 April 2018

The revolutionary events of 1917 and the civil war led to a fundamental, systemic change that influenced the entire 20th century. From a mental and cultural perspective, the revolution at first brought about radical changes in all areas of society. It led to new forms of economy, education and culture, fostered national, political and social freedom movements and inspired artists and people working in all areas of culture. But the forging of this new society was accompanied – from the outset – by terror, violence and repression. The exhibition "1917. Revolution. Russia and Europe" explores the revolutionary events in Russia and the early Soviet Union and also examines the reactions and counter-reactions that the political and social upheaval triggered in Europe, by focusing on a selection of European countries. 

The exhibition project is a cooperation between the Deutsches Historisches Museum and the Swiss National Museum.

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