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Historical Judgement 03. Magazine of the Deutsches Historisches Museums

MARX AND WAGNER. Capitalism and German Sentiment

The cover story of the third issue focuses on Karl Marx and Richard Wagner together. Based on the three discourses "anti-Semitism", "alienation" and "revolution", it examines the extent to which the ideologies of these two "German thinkers" can be related to each other - and the extent to which they are specifically German reactions to modernity and capitalism.

In addition, the writer Julia Franck responds to the essays by Daniel Kehlmann (issue 1) and Lukas Bärfuss (issue 2) and writes that it would be a mistake to regard history and literature as competitors. Fritz Backhaus explores the question of why a museum acquires a collection of anti-Semitics and how these can be used as a source for the history of emotions. And Andrea von Hegel uses historical posters to show that today's hygiene regulations and health measures were already being propagated decades ago.

(in German with English-language supplement)

Published by: Stiftung Deutsches Historisches Museum

Berlin 2021, 102 pages

ISBN 978-3-86102-219-0

ISSN 2626-8094

10,00€, plus shipping