Visitor in the museum looking at a sculpture

Museum Association

History needs friends! Become a member of the Museum Association of the German Historical Museum!

History fascinates, history unites and engages, history networks, history needs and creates friends. We want to know where we come from in order to understand where – and who – we are, and to decide where we want to go.

History books aren’t enough for this, we also need lively visualisation, we need history that we can experience, as it is impressively presented in the German Historical Museum. In Berlin’s old central district of “Mitte” a committed team devotes itself to this task with competence and new ideas.

The Museum Association supports this engagement in the form of discussion and information evenings, special guided tours, and not least of all through the purchase of exponents – from the desk set of the Prussian King Wilhelm IV to the portrait of the great chansonette Claire Waldorf. Under the aegis of its present honorary chairman, Prof. Dr. h.c. Dieter Stolte, the Association was able to attract more than 800 members, who profit directly from the varied programmes of the museum.

You like this idea and are interested in history and culture? Then why don’t you just join in!

Yours sincerely,

Ulrich Deppendorf

Chairman of the Museum Association of the Deutsches Historisches Museum