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[Translate to English:] Cover des 4. Magazins "Historische Urteilskraft"

Historical Judgement 04. Magazine of the Deutsches Historisches Museum

Europe and Germany 1939–45. Violence in the museum

The fourth issue of the magazine "Historische Urteilskraft" deals with the German occupation in Europe during the Second World War. International experts such as Sabina Ferhadbegović, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Philippe Sands and Jens-Christian Wagner ask what stories objects can tell about the occupation and the violence associated with it.

Dan Diner writes about turning points in German history and the alternative histories that appeared in them. Dieter Gosewinkel talks to Kyung-Ho Cha and Barbara John about citizenship and what it has to do with soccer and German hip-hop. Renowned graphic novel authors such as Sebastian Lörscher, Nicolas Mahler and Sophia Martineck present the examination of history in a different form.

(in German with English-language supplement)

Published by: Stiftung Deutsches Historisches Museum

Berlin 2022, 98 pages

ISBN 978-3-86102-225-1

ISSN 2626-8094

10,00€, plus shipping