Glass-ceramics conservation

In the DHM glass and ceramics collections there are many materials dating from the Middle Ages to the present, such as porcelain, marble, plaster of Paris, etc. And as often is the case with art, everyday and technical objects from the industrial sector, they are composed of composite materials and do not fit into a separate conservation discipline of their own due to the variety of materials they contain.

Many of the objects that have no clear classification according to classical criteria are therefore taken care of by the glass and ceramics conservator. This is a challenge that requires a great degree of expertise about the objects and their materials that goes beyond the specific work of glass and ceramics conservation and calls for much flexibility as well as working with new types of materials, such as synthetics which have complicated (chemical) structures, deterioration on ageing and are available in a great variety. In this field of conservation the work is often carried out in cooperation with specialists outside of the museum, such as from the field of stone conservation.