Poster conservation

Poster conservation is a specialised area of paper conservation and in principle can therefore be compared with it and its requirements. Since the DHM has a very large collection of posters, a paper conservator in the museum works primarily on this collection.

In this area special technical requirements are often needed that go beyond the necessary preventive conservation measures and may need restoration treatments that give consideration to the aesthetics of the object. Because of the predominantly large sizes and usually used wood-pulp paper, posters tend to show damages such as folds, brittleness, tears and losses. Since posters were usually made for a brief period of advertising, poor quality materials were often used that create difficult conservational problems, which determine the storage, restoration and montage of the objects. It is often a matter of impaired legibility of the objects, which is further aggravated by earlier improper handling, poor storage in a non museum environment or previous restoration treatments that now have to be redone. Both repairs and reconstructions are carried out.