Central Documentation

The department of Central Documentation was established in 1992 when the database for accessing objects in the collections of the Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM) was established, thus assuring that the extensive stocks of the museum would be centrally and systematically compiled and administered. Ever since the beginning of the digital data acquisition the database system known as GOS has been maintained and further developed by the Zuse Institute Berlin on behalf of the DHM.

The main duties of Central Documentation are to make the initial entry of new acquisitions into the database and retrospectively digitise the collections of the former Museum für Deutsche Geschichte (MfDG), to coordinate the loan of objects from the collections for external special exhibitions as well as to continue the comprehensive documentation of the museum’s collections by means of photo, video and text material.

Currently almost 560,000 of the approx. 900,000 objects in the DHM collections are digitally registered, whereby most of the entries include a digitalised photo.

The stocks of the museum can be researched worldwide by means of the Object database. Due to the protection of copyrights and property rights a number of object photos cannot be shown online, but can be acquired subject to charge through the photo archive (bildarchiv@dhm.de).