Urkunde von Winrich von Kniprode Hochmeister des Deutschen Ordens über die Belehnung des Herrn von Merimen mit dem Gut Powersen (Ausschnitt), 18. Februar 1374, © Deutsches Historisches Museum


Historical sources and documents from the Middle Ages up to the Beginning of First World War

The collection comprises some 60,000 handwritten and printed originals as well as unique and precious items on German political, economic, social and everyday historical culture in its European context.

The collection is ordered according to theme and form. It contains:

Historical documents and records (9th-19th c.)

Privileges, mandates, patents and edicts, instructions, laws and contracts, deeds of gift, title deeds, certificates of sale, business correspondence, legal and administrative records, political correspondence, protocols and account books

Seals and sealing sets

Medieval and early modern seals from rulers, cities and public administrations

Topographical and geographical maps, special maps and charts (15th–19th c.)

World maps, continental maps, maps of Europe, national and regional maps, special maps such as naval, battle or military charts, railway routes, plans, sketches and ordnance survey maps

Publications with socio-political references

Flyers and pamphlets, political caricatures and diatribes with caricatures, political newspapers

Issue- and person-related documents on the culture of remembrance

Family registers, poetry albums and diaries, private letters and correspondences, greeting cards and telegrams, theatre and opera programmes, musical manuscripts, calendars

The Documents I collection is constantly being expanded through donations and purchases. In the future emphasis will be placed on acquiring documents from the Early Modern Age (16th–18th c.).

Documents after 1914

The collection covers the period from the beginning of First World War to the immediate present. As of the year 2014 around 135,000 objects are registered in the database.

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