Blick ins Depot der Abteilung Militaria


Weapons - Armour - Military Equipment

The collection is the oldest collection in the Deutsches Historisches Museum and closely connected with the history of the Zeughaus (“Armoury”). It comprises around 30,000 objects – from the Roman gladius (sword) to the Russian assault rifle Kalashnikov, from the tiny lock component of a hunting musket to the heaviest piece of artillery.

The collection focuses on weaponry of the different German armed forces since the 18th century, including their equipment as well as outstanding European ornamental and ceremonial weapons of the 16th and 17th centuries. In addition, there is an extensive stock of medieval weapons and armoury.

Today the militaria collection is evidence and source of the history of important phases and decisive situations in German history. It also documents the history of technology and culture as well as contemporary and current developments. As in all other collection areas, it is dependent on endowments from the public and private sectors.

Uniforms - Flags - Orders - Prints

In its main areas the collection goes back to the stock of the old Berlin Zeughaus (armoury). Its objects illustrate the material culture of the military from the 18th century to the present.

Bilder aus der Sammlung

Bilder aus der Sammlung